Associati: YOU did this!
Associati: Greetings!
Associati: Apple pie
Associati: The Simpsons Movie
Associati: Arcade Fire/Madison Square Garden
Associati: I Am The Walrus
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy
Associati: Giraffes prefer to drive with the top down.
Associati: Monkeys find it exhausting living up to their fun reputation.
Associati: Roosters always leave right after it's over. They need to be at work early.
Associati: Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
Associati: Penguins have joined terrorists on the Do Not Fly list.
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo
Associati: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho
Associati: The city of London prohibits bulls from the use of public telephone boxes.
Associati: Bulls are always enthusiastic participants at Communist rallies.
Associati: Bulls are rarely invited by other employees to meetings about financial losses.
Associati: Insurance companies charge premiums to inexperienced bull drivers.
Associati: Bulls frequently protest with the referee when given a match penalty.
Associati: Bulls are rarely considered for service on astronautical missions to Mars.
Associati: Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles
Associati: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles
Associati: Strawberry Fields Forever by The Beatles
Associati: Hello Goodbye by The Beatles
Associati: Yellow Submarine by The Beatles
Associati: Taxman by The Beatles
Associati: Help! by The Beatles