asboluv: 29.09.19 SOLACE
asboluv: Tia- thin willow charcoal on newspaper 28.09.18
asboluv: 'fly your freak flag high' - posca drawing on re-used cardboard
asboluv: 'look inside your wounds' derelict 2018
asboluv: AFROPUNK festival 2017
asboluv: 7ftx4ft board entitled 'you're original' one of 24 individual pieces I have been comissioned to do for Afropunk festival in London 2017
asboluv: MATHEW 13'13 Asboluv & Tiny Vulpes 2017
asboluv: fuck the...
asboluv: untitled pencil sketch 20.03.17
asboluv: Afro-girl can Montana metalic chrome & copper
asboluv: Afro Punk - pussy pink on old alphabetical record divider 2017
asboluv: 'you got your own path' pencil sketch 2017
asboluv: afro punk - cardboard 2010
asboluv: 'no bunny, don't believe everything you read' - pencil sketch
asboluv: Spring Free Art drop
asboluv: I am trying to tell you a dream, and I can't bare a lie' (pencil sketch)
asboluv: from the side
asboluv: Afro-girl jungalist green
asboluv: 'you never could join up all the dots' pencil sketch (model Briana)
asboluv: heavy 6B business - pencil sketch of Tia
asboluv: Afrosol- gift
asboluv: tidy corner left
asboluv: cardboard studio floor from years back
asboluv: slice of life - CRASS fight war not wars 2015
asboluv: slice of life - derelict space 2015
asboluv: derelict spot 26
asboluv: PHING THING - Alien (reverse side)
asboluv: PHING THING - Alien
asboluv: studio