art_from_fred: alone, even in a group
art_from_fred: end of the field in winter
art_from_fred: la_loge
art_from_fred: Les Ramées
art_from_fred: waiting for better days
art_from_fred: the_line_begins_to_blur
art_from_fred: winter clouds (SOLD)
art_from_fred: moonwalkers
art_from_fred: IMG_20201231_0003
art_from_fred: IMG_20201219_0005
art_from_fred: IMG_20201219_0004
art_from_fred: IMG_20201219_0003
art_from_fred: IMG_20201219_0002
art_from_fred: cold poplars
art_from_fred: a sweet process
art_from_fred: en attendant le train
art_from_fred: IMG_3365
art_from_fred: cressier_2
art_from_fred: stakes go down as time passes by