richardadown: Gate in the mist
richardadown: ancient trackway in morning mist
richardadown: Spring Greens
richardadown: timeless tranquillity
richardadown: order to chaos
richardadown: Golden grass purple heather
richardadown: Pool with no name revisited
richardadown: Wayland's Smithy
richardadown: Path through the heather
richardadown: Back to Purple
richardadown: Tankerville Mine
richardadown: Sunshine & Showers
richardadown: Quartzite and purple heather
richardadown: The path to Doxey's Pool
richardadown: Manstone lighting up
richardadown: Sunset behind Manstone Rock
richardadown: Binocular Bridge
richardadown: Pink Poppies
richardadown: Table lamps in the library
richardadown: Valkyrie at the Roaches
richardadown: Reflecting on a fine summer's day
richardadown: Twin Trees
richardadown: evening light on the Stiperstones
richardadown: Constant dripping wears away the stone
richardadown: Gunnerside meadows and barns
richardadown: Swaledale valley
richardadown: Kisdon Fell farms and barns
richardadown: Muker buttercups
richardadown: Hoggarth Sunset
richardadown: East Gill Force