aquilasteve: Gig Harbor 1/3/2023
aquilasteve: Good Morning.... 1/14/23
aquilasteve: Winter Skies, Mount Rainier over Puget Sound. 1/2/23
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor Winter Sunrise
aquilasteve: Tacoma-Vashon Ferry
aquilasteve: Rainier, My Favorite Volcano
aquilasteve: Why they call it Sunrise Beach 12/16/22
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor 12/13/22
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor 12/13/2022
aquilasteve: South Puget Sound
aquilasteve: Sunrise Beach Park
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor 11/30/22
aquilasteve: Sunrise
aquilasteve: Morning Honkers
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor Sunrise 11/30/22
aquilasteve: Mount Rainier over South Puget Sound 12/3/22
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor Dawn 11/30/22
aquilasteve: Incoming Tide
aquilasteve: Sunset at Sunrise Beach
aquilasteve: Sunrise Beach Sunset
aquilasteve: Fog lifting, Sunrise Beach Cabins 11/24/22
aquilasteve: Sunrise Beach 11/24/22
aquilasteve: Storm Passing at Sunset. Puget Sound, Washington. Colvos Passage to the left, Dalco Passage and Vashon Island's Point Dalco in the center, and Commencement Bay of Tacoma in the distance 11/22/22
aquilasteve: Maple Leaf
aquilasteve: Sunrise Beach, Dalco Passage 11/21/22
aquilasteve: Rose Petals and Sea Glass at the beach today
aquilasteve: Trail up from the Beach
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor 11/20/22
aquilasteve: CAPT. BOB CAMPBELL Tugboat 1,700 HP Twin Screws
aquilasteve: Gig Harbor Geese