Snapdragon1959: Between night and day.
Snapdragon1959: Mother Earth.
Snapdragon1959: A New Day.
Snapdragon1959: Morning Mood in Mallorca.
Snapdragon1959: Early Morning Light
Snapdragon1959: The beautiful "Angel's Trumpet" or "Datura" opens in the garden this morning.
Snapdragon1959: First day of August.
Snapdragon1959: Serene.
Snapdragon1959: Poppies.
Snapdragon1959: Tranquillity.
Snapdragon1959: Light in the forest.
Snapdragon1959: Brief encounter.
Snapdragon1959: Late sun and stormy skies.
Snapdragon1959: Chiesa di San Giorgio, Verona
Snapdragon1959: Blue hour over Verona.
Snapdragon1959: Shadows on a Beech Tree.
Snapdragon1959: And rest.
Snapdragon1959: A Dorset Landscape
Snapdragon1959: Beech trees and bluebells.
Snapdragon1959: Patiently waiting.
Snapdragon1959: New life.
Snapdragon1959: Caribbean dreams
Snapdragon1959: At the end of the day.
Snapdragon1959: Rockpool at Sunset
Snapdragon1959: Sundown.
Snapdragon1959: Last light of the day.
Snapdragon1959: Trails.
Snapdragon1959: Earth's magic.
Snapdragon1959: Winter Light.