appelpix!: Sweden - Old Lund - The Cathedral
appelpix!: Dare I jump?
appelpix!: The Warsaw Uprising
appelpix!: At day's end
appelpix!: La Scala
appelpix!: Fishing from the pier
appelpix!: Hey, hey good lookin´
appelpix!: Hazelnut Nation for mouse-students
appelpix!: Hazelnut Nation for mice
appelpix!: The Herring Lady
appelpix!: Megalith
appelpix!: Øresund Bridge
appelpix!: Fishermans old huts - South Sweden
appelpix!: Record Store for mice only
appelpix!: Record Store - Mice Only
appelpix!: The remains of the day
appelpix!: Birds on a wire
appelpix!: Quiet days in Clichy
appelpix!: Open-Air-Bathhouse
appelpix!: The Lighthouse in Malmö harbour
appelpix!: Early morning at Kronetorp flour mill
appelpix!: The one and only pharmacy for mice
appelpix!: Pharmacy - mice only
appelpix!: Lookout tower
appelpix!: Morning light - small island Ven
appelpix!: Beautiful old train station, now library
appelpix!: After the snowfall
appelpix!: Sweden - Scania - Häljarp Flour mill
appelpix!: Sweden - Old Lund - Hjortgatan
appelpix!: The Power Plant