anubhav4you: Horseshoe Bend
anubhav4you: Eiffel Tower
anubhav4you: Badwater Basin
anubhav4you: Monument Valley
anubhav4you: Mormon Row Historic District
anubhav4you: A rose in the rain.
anubhav4you: Lake Tahoe
anubhav4you: ~^~ Tuolumne Meadows ~^~
anubhav4you: ... when the journey is destination.
anubhav4you: where the land, ocean and the sky meet.
anubhav4you: ~^~ Star Trails ~^~
anubhav4you: ~^~ Star Trails ~^~
anubhav4you: Great Smoky Mountains National Park
anubhav4you: Palace of Fine Arts
anubhav4you: ...when the sun rises.
anubhav4you: Grace Cathedral, San Francisco
anubhav4you: Golden Gate Bridge
anubhav4you: ~^~ Bay bridge basked in early morning sunlight ~^~
anubhav4you: Fort Point, San Francisco CA
anubhav4you: Pfeiffer Beach - Big Sur, CA
anubhav4you: Bay Bridge and San Francisco Skyline from Yerba Buena Island
anubhav4you: ~^~ Bay bridge from Embarcadero ~^~
anubhav4you: ~^~ Nelson Atkins Museum Reflection ~^~
anubhav4you: ~^~ KC Plaza Brush Creek ~^~
anubhav4you: Pigeon Point Lighthouse
anubhav4you: Lone Cypress Tree
anubhav4you: Missouri Sunset
anubhav4you: Sunset at the McWay Falls
anubhav4you: Half Dome
anubhav4you: Yosemite - Tunnel View