antonfalco2: The Getaway
antonfalco2: Daytime Lightning
antonfalco2: Night Heron Through Grass
antonfalco2: Off the Lake
antonfalco2: NEOWISE and Aurora
antonfalco2: SLC - Scary Looking Cloud
antonfalco2: Grumpy
antonfalco2: Lightning In Niagara
antonfalco2: Comet NEOWISE
antonfalco2: Back Lit Shelf Cloud
antonfalco2: Osprey With Dinner
antonfalco2: Jamie and the Mesocyclone
antonfalco2: Angry Glare
antonfalco2: Dying Storm Sunset
antonfalco2: Balance
antonfalco2: Triple Layered Shelf Cloud
antonfalco2: Breakfast
antonfalco2: Elk City Sunset
antonfalco2: Fledging the Nest
antonfalco2: Hail In The Country Side
antonfalco2: Hidden Gem
antonfalco2: Sunset Lit Shelf Cloud
antonfalco2: Clear for Takeoff
antonfalco2: Vivid Mammatus Display
antonfalco2: Ruby Throated Hummingbird
antonfalco2: Mighty Mammatus
antonfalco2: Great Horned Owlets In The Rain
antonfalco2: Massive Hail Core
antonfalco2: Curious
antonfalco2: Dying Storm