a.fetting: Pin Ball Wizardry
a.fetting: Before the Storm
a.fetting: Remnant
a.fetting: Fidelio Scenery Model for Vienna Opera
a.fetting: Wide Angle
a.fetting: Tam Tam Audition at Berghain Power Plant
a.fetting: Exit
a.fetting: Cornfield II
a.fetting: Strandspaziergang
a.fetting: Baltic Sea Backwaters
a.fetting: Landfall
a.fetting: Political Pipes
a.fetting: Central Station with Cube
a.fetting: Rebecca´s Piano
a.fetting: Liederabend
a.fetting: Surface Structure
a.fetting: Brandenburg
a.fetting: Roof in the Blue Hour
a.fetting: The Cube - alternate view
a.fetting: Werner-Werk
a.fetting: Ringfenced Church
a.fetting: Expressionism as Church
a.fetting: Metro Tunnel
a.fetting: Concrete#5
a.fetting: Curves
a.fetting: Broadcasting Tower
a.fetting: Jose Davila Sculptures
a.fetting: Kollhoff vs Jahn - alternate version
a.fetting: Staircase at Bauhaus
a.fetting: Tubes