a.fetting: Auferstanden aus Ruinen - nach der Wende
a.fetting: Closing Soon
a.fetting: Dead Wood
a.fetting: Arch & Cupola
a.fetting: Bright Future in Crystal Balls
a.fetting: Chancellor´s Office with Eduardo Chillida Sculpture
a.fetting: Brushed
a.fetting: Staircase
a.fetting: The Light Searcher
a.fetting: House of Photography
a.fetting: Just Hangin´Out ...
a.fetting: Blue at the Government Quarter
a.fetting: Museumsinsel
a.fetting: Nordic Embassies´ Facade
a.fetting: Motion Transformation
a.fetting: Christmas Funfair under the TV Tower
a.fetting: Pei in Berlin
a.fetting: Gehry Corrugation in the Morning Light
a.fetting: Organic Spider Web
a.fetting: Zeche Zollverein Admin Building
a.fetting: Reflections on a Laser Point
a.fetting: Lost in Space
a.fetting: Palazzo Pubblico in the November Mist
a.fetting: Broken Bank with Great History
a.fetting: Concrete#4
a.fetting: Il Duomo in the November Mist
a.fetting: Blue Head
a.fetting: KuK Entrance
a.fetting: Mirror with 20.000 Pills
a.fetting: Kreuzgang