a.fetting: Taekwondo Carp
a.fetting: Anselm´s Book Case
a.fetting: What´s Your Message Messias?
a.fetting: Listen to the Curator first!
a.fetting: Beach Mural
a.fetting: House of Photography
a.fetting: Bienvenido if You Dare 2
a.fetting: Bienvenido if You Dare 1
a.fetting: Heilandskirche
a.fetting: Concrete #2
a.fetting: Fiddle on the Bed
a.fetting: Grotto
a.fetting: Anselm meets Caspar
a.fetting: Shadow on the Wall
a.fetting: Cranes & Power Plant
a.fetting: Squatter's Backyard
a.fetting: Niki in Grotto
a.fetting: End of Day on the Beach
a.fetting: Listen to the Music
a.fetting: Squatter´s Paradise
a.fetting: Satellite Receiver Park
a.fetting: North Stream Pipe
a.fetting: Cutting Edge Cranes
a.fetting: Black Coal Power Plant
a.fetting: Retro Crane
a.fetting: Cruise Ship
a.fetting: Before the Storm
a.fetting: Down!
a.fetting: Concrete #1
a.fetting: Metals