a.fetting: Eduardo Chillida @ Kanzleramt
a.fetting: Room of Silence
a.fetting: Landfall (II)
a.fetting: Louise Bourgeois´ "Maman" Spider
a.fetting: Les Bassins de Lumière (II)
a.fetting: Douro Bridge by Gustave Eiffel
a.fetting: Caro‘s The Last Judgement: The 4 Trumps and the Gate to Heaven.
a.fetting: Calatrava's Bodegas Ysios #2
a.fetting: Blue Hour at Guggenheim
a.fetting: MAAT Lisboa
a.fetting: Eduardo Chillida at Donostia - San Sebastian
a.fetting: Guggenheim ( I )
a.fetting: Cabo de Roca Portugal
a.fetting: Estação Oriente Lisboa
a.fetting: Bodegas Ysios
a.fetting: Richard Serra at Guggenheim
a.fetting: Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas
a.fetting: Les Bassins de Lumière
a.fetting: MECA at the Blue Hour
a.fetting: Fidelio Scenery Model for Vienna Opera
a.fetting: Wide Angle
a.fetting: Tam Tam Audition at Berghain Power Plant
a.fetting: Exit
a.fetting: Cornfield II
a.fetting: Strandspaziergang
a.fetting: Baltic Sea Backwaters
a.fetting: Landfall
a.fetting: Political Pipes
a.fetting: Central Station with Cube