annepowell500: Slender Hyacinth-orchid (Dipodium variegatum) - endemic to south-east Australia
annepowell500: Fungi up to 35mm dia - NSW - ID anyone?
annepowell500: Hairy bracket fungi Trametes sp aff hirsuta - NSW
annepowell500: Golden Orb Weaving Spider (Nephila plumipes) - NSW
annepowell500: Male Blue Banded Bees (Amegilla cingulata) - native Australian bees
annepowell500: Amanita flavella - native to NSW & Queensland
annepowell500: Pair of Grey Teal (Anas gracilis) - NSW
annepowell500: Cinnamon Fairy Stool Mushroom (Coltricia cinnamomea) - approx 25mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: Fuligo septica (Dog Vomit Slime Mould - such a pretty name!) - NSW
annepowell500: Pretty bracket fungus growing on paperbark branch - Trametes versicolor? - NSW
annepowell500: Chocolate tube slime mould (Stemonitis axifera) - NSW
annepowell500: Jacky Tree Dragon (Amphibolurus muricatus) - a type of lizard native to south-eastern Australia
annepowell500: Amanita ochrophylla - approx 120mm dia - native to south-east Australia - NSW
annepowell500: Pair of Scaly-breasted Lorikeets (Trichoglossus chlorolepidotus) preparing their nest in a tree hollow - endemic to eastern Australia
annepowell500: Russula sp (marangania perhaps?) - approx 100mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: Puffball Fungus (Scleroderma cepa) with Millipede - NSW
annepowell500: Cortinarius sp fungi - approx 30mm dia, NSW
annepowell500: Such an exciting find this morning - Agaricus rotalis (Pin Wheel Mushroom) - caps to approx 80mm - NSW
annepowell500: Chlorophyllum brunneum - NSW
annepowell500: Lentinellus arcularius fungi growing on a fallen branch - approx 25-35mm dia - characterised by medium-sized coffin-shaped pores on underside - NSW
annepowell500: Arcyria obvelata slime mould on a eucalyptus log - looks like tiny loofahs - NSW
annepowell500: Agaricus sp - up to 80mm dia with dark brown gills - NSW
annepowell500: Gymnopilus dilepis - up to approx 50mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: Leucocoprinus birnbaumii fungi (Plantpot Dapperling) - NSW
annepowell500: Tricholoma sp ?? - approx 80mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: Baby Boletellus emodensis fungi - 10-35mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: What a dramatic sight to behold in the bush - a huge eucalyptus tree with masses of blood red sap oozing out! Evidently the sap protects exposed wood, to encourage new bark growth.
annepowell500: A cluster of Lycoperdon pyriforme puffballs - up to approx 35mm dia - NSW
annepowell500: Slender Hyacinth-orchid (Dipodium variegatum) - endemic to south-east Australia
annepowell500: Alpine Jelly Cone aka Poor Man's Gumdrop (Guepiniopsis alpina) - NSW