Andy@astrophotography: Open Clusters M36 & M38 in Auriga
Andy@astrophotography: The Monkey Head Nebula in Ha
Andy@astrophotography: The Great Orion Nebula in Ha
Andy@astrophotography: Milky Way Over Kauai
Andy@astrophotography: Lightning and Stars over Kauai
Andy@astrophotography: Lightning over the ocean!
Andy@astrophotography: Balcony Milky Way
Andy@astrophotography: spouting horn
Andy@astrophotography: Lightning and stars
Andy@astrophotography: Metal wheel embedded in Rock
Andy@astrophotography: North is clearing
Andy@astrophotography: The Eastern Veil Nebula (NGC 6960)
Andy@astrophotography: The Double Cluster
Andy@astrophotography: The Western Veil Nebula
Andy@astrophotography: Cocoon Nebula
Andy@astrophotography: The Great Hercules Cluster
Andy@astrophotography: Coat Hanger Cluster
Andy@astrophotography: Cygus-Sadr Project - Panel 1 underway
Andy@astrophotography: Val zip lining +
Andy@astrophotography: Pinwheel Galaxy - Color Adjusted
Andy@astrophotography: Imaging Rig and 'Observatory'
Andy@astrophotography: Pinwheel Galaxy
Andy@astrophotography: Orion at 50mm
Andy@astrophotography: Canus Major using Omegon Tracker
Andy@astrophotography: Orion and Gemini using Omegon Tracker
Andy@astrophotography: omegon mini track lx2
Andy@astrophotography: Reprocess of Sedona North East view