Man with a beard!: Inauguration Day 20.01.2021. (Independent Newspaper U.K)
Tim Melling: Pink-footed Geese over the snowy Pennines
Torok_Bea: Rétisas (Haliaeetus albicilla)
Tim Melling: Barn Owl
wildlifelynn: Grayling
Tim Melling: Hoopoe
Kevin O'Brian: Snowdon
Kevin O'Brian: Garnedd Ugain
Freshairphotography by Janis Morrison: Aggregating anemone (Anthopleura elegantissima) & Mossy chiton (Mopalia muscosa) Among other tidal pool creatures found in a tidal pool on Hornby Island, BC
Tim Melling: Brown Hairstreak
Mark S Searle: Silver Spotted Skipper (F)
Helen-George: Hovering Hummingbird Hawkmoth on Spear Thistle
Mark S Searle: Southern Brown Argus (M) - Aricia cramera
suekelly52: Every day holds new MAGIC!
mdt1960: The Devil's Spine
Tim Melling: Clouded Yellow in Yorkshire
wdterp: Eastern Tiger Swallowtail ♂
Petra Karg: Xylocopa violacea drinking nectar of Coronilla emerus
bobchappell55: IMGP2586c Large Skipper, Woodwalton Fen, June 2019
Bob Eade: Emperor Moth (Saturnia pavonia).
Man with a beard!: My Flickr is yours?
Mark S Searle: Grizzled Skipper (M)
Helen-George: A Carpet Of English Bluebells
respect_all_plants: Fumaria reuteri (Martin's Ramping Fumitory) group, Lake Allotments, Isle of Wight, 1.6.17
wildlifelynn: Common Frog
Bob Eade: Cuckoo (Cuculus canorus).