andreliebling: Winter.
andreliebling: Soleil d'hiver - Winter sun.
andreliebling: Minimalist (2)
andreliebling: Minimalist (1)
andreliebling: Vol d'oiseau vers les Pyrénées - Bird flight to the Pyrenees - In Explore on Jan 6, 2021.
andreliebling: ça déborde - it's overflowing
andreliebling: Couvre-feu - Lock down (2)
andreliebling: Couvre-feu - Lock down -1- (In Explore Dec 18, 2020)
andreliebling: Just before the dark (2)
andreliebling: Sunset (2) In Explore Nov 18, 2020.
andreliebling: Just before the dark.
andreliebling: Somewhere in the SW of France.
andreliebling: Rain is coming.
andreliebling: On the other side of the bridge. (Explored on Oct 29, 2020)
andreliebling: Nerac, France - Misty morning.
andreliebling: Lavardens, France.
andreliebling: Lavardens, France, le village.
andreliebling: Le petit journal.
andreliebling: La barbière de Lavardens, Gers, France.
andreliebling: Château de Lavardens, France. (In Explore Oct 11, 2020)
andreliebling: Pelote basque (6) - b&w (2)
andreliebling: The sky is the limit.
andreliebling: Take off
andreliebling: Almost ready.
andreliebling: Ecluse de Graziac, Gers, France.
andreliebling: Pelote basque (5) - b&w.
andreliebling: Pelote basque (4)