allyson.marie: .paradise.
allyson.marie: .dark & stormy.
allyson.marie: Garden Wanderer
allyson.marie: .petals as soft as the delicate touch of a lover.
allyson.marie: . Never forget how wildly capable you are 💕.
allyson.marie: .h e r.
allyson.marie: .the calm.
allyson.marie: .full bloom.
allyson.marie: // f r o n d s //
allyson.marie: //Annapolis//
allyson.marie: .spring fling.
allyson.marie: .sunset on Lake Ontario.
allyson.marie: .s t a c k e d.
allyson.marie: The sun watches what I do, but the moon knows all my secrets.
allyson.marie: .new beginnings.
allyson.marie: .the thaw.
allyson.marie: Don’t mess with the horns
allyson.marie: .morning • visitor.
allyson.marie: s p r i n g
allyson.marie: You’re reaching ......
allyson.marie: super worm moon 3/20/19
allyson.marie: standing room only
allyson.marie: Goodnight moon over Naples
allyson.marie: The hustle
allyson.marie: .feeling like a ray of sunshine today .
allyson.marie: .my power is strength, I use it with intention.
allyson.marie: .sunday selfie.
allyson.marie: .she has wings of an angel covered in pixie dust ... and she is full of magic.
allyson.marie: friends should be like books, few, but hand selected ..... happy Valentine’s Day to all of my friends ❤️ .
allyson.marie: let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods & listen to the magic whispers of old trees. .