alex6287: Beauty
alex6287: Friendly couple
alex6287: Ready
alex6287: Welcome to Hervey Bay, Australia
alex6287: Family time
alex6287: Meggie
alex6287: Where is the rest of the mandarin???!!
alex6287: Personal
alex6287: Rocky beach
alex6287: Brown Booby
alex6287: Family time
alex6287: Favorite spot
alex6287: Local beauties
alex6287: Sunrise
alex6287: Rocks
alex6287: Magnificent tree
alex6287: Traces of the volcano activities from thousands of years ago
alex6287: Abstract
alex6287: Lonely boat....
alex6287: Beach
alex6287: Dream boat
alex6287: Enjoying the moment
alex6287: Detail from the local Marina
alex6287: Good night
alex6287: Lonely
alex6287: Orange
alex6287: The best office in the world
alex6287: Trees
alex6287: Park