albrecht.ehrensperger: Belt and Road Initiative
albrecht.ehrensperger: Tad Sae Waterfall, Luang Prabang
albrecht.ehrensperger: Tad Sae waterfall, Luang Prabang, Laos
albrecht.ehrensperger: Luang Prabang
albrecht.ehrensperger: The rice is growing and glowing
albrecht.ehrensperger: Luang Prabang Province
albrecht.ehrensperger: China - Lao Railway
albrecht.ehrensperger: China - Lao Railway, construction site in Vientiane
albrecht.ehrensperger: China - Lao Railway, new track near Vientiane
albrecht.ehrensperger: Savannakhet I, drone picture of flooded rice fields
albrecht.ehrensperger: Mekong Boats. Unused because of COVID lockdown
albrecht.ehrensperger: It is rice planting season outside of Vientiane, Laos
albrecht.ehrensperger: Reflections in the shadow waters of Lake Natron, Tanzania
albrecht.ehrensperger: Silhouettes on Lake Natron, Tanzania
albrecht.ehrensperger: Ethiopia: Bahar Dar Girls in Blue
albrecht.ehrensperger: Ethiopia: portraits in Bahar Dar
albrecht.ehrensperger: Epic Vientiane Sunsets over the Mekong river
albrecht.ehrensperger: fishermen and golden hour
albrecht.ehrensperger: Thin hot and tired
albrecht.ehrensperger: Vientiane in yellow, unfinished building on the Mekong promenade
albrecht.ehrensperger: At the Tea Factory
albrecht.ehrensperger: At the tea factory
albrecht.ehrensperger: At the Tea Factory
albrecht.ehrensperger: Picking wild tea in the misty mountains in Xieng Khuang, Laos
albrecht.ehrensperger: Picking wild tea. Back from the forest on a misty morning
albrecht.ehrensperger: Beekeeping in Xieng Khuang, Laos