aem198: Pho get about it.
aem198: Isolated
aem198: Can’t wait to be back in these streets!
aem198: Life before social distancing!
aem198: Quite contemplation
aem198: The best moments any of us have are usually with the ones we love!
aem198: Photographer Jordan Matter doing a photo shoot with contortionist Anna McNulty
aem198: Busking, Time stands still when you're in the zone.
aem198: I think we can all relate to this right now....The waiting!
aem198: Prague, capitol city of the Czech Republic. Nicknamed the City of a Hundred Spires.
aem198: Life is very simple, we make it complicated. Streets of Paris.
aem198: Life's short, stop wearing so many hats!
aem198: Our lives are all intertwined one way or another.
aem198: Make them stop and stare!
aem198: Marcy Ave Station NYC
aem198: One man's trash is another man's art form.
aem198: If you hesitate for a second, the moment will be gone!
aem198: Doyers St, Chinatown New York.
aem198: Paris Gare du Nord Train Station.
aem198: Top of the Rock
aem198: Goodbye