arubow4: Iris
arubow4: Green-and-Gold Tanager
arubow4: Orchids
arubow4: Orchid
arubow4: A sea of Tulips
arubow4: Iris
arubow4: Gapstow Bridge - Central Park
arubow4: Wollman Ice Skating Rink, Central Park
arubow4: Reed Orchid
arubow4: Mertens' Water Monitor
arubow4: Twins - Tawny Daylilies
arubow4: Standing Tall
arubow4: Time Warner Center - NYC
arubow4: Hi! My name is Squirrel, What's yours?
arubow4: Osprey - Checking me out
arubow4: Red Panda
arubow4: Manhattan skyline viewed from Brooklyn Bridge Park
arubow4: Inca Tern
arubow4: One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower)
arubow4: Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan
arubow4: Daylily
arubow4: Lower Manhattan viewed from Brooklyn Heights Promenade
arubow4: Yummy!
arubow4: Painted lady, (Vanessa cardui)