aelena: Drum roll
aelena: Split second decision
aelena: Emergent properties
aelena: winter serenade
aelena: Understatement
aelena: Firestarter
aelena: Estranged
aelena: Pill-ridden and anxiety-laden
aelena: War of attrition
aelena: Trauma and catharsis
aelena: Mind reflections
aelena: Shot in undisclosed location
aelena: Tools of the trade
aelena: Apocalyptic city
aelena: Like moth to a fucking flame
aelena: Another fine morning
aelena: Smear campaign
aelena: They are in the hallway now
aelena: Staggerfields
aelena: Value chain
aelena: Frequent flyer
aelena: Earmarked funds
aelena: Fracture
aelena: Confusion / pathways
aelena: Dreamless beast
aelena: too late for love
aelena: flag of hate
aelena: Navegar entre escollos
aelena: anything that lies near
aelena: Creeping normality