aestheticsofcrisis: White House Cover Girl/Feels Russian
aestheticsofcrisis: Teflon Don
aestheticsofcrisis: Love me Tinder
aestheticsofcrisis: Bog poppa
aestheticsofcrisis: Kil Jong Marylin
aestheticsofcrisis: hyper-vigilant
aestheticsofcrisis: Fake News
aestheticsofcrisis: I will wait [for] you here
aestheticsofcrisis: Bat minion
aestheticsofcrisis: Thom Yorke
aestheticsofcrisis: Rot your heart/I'm watching
aestheticsofcrisis: Make racism wrong again/make hatred wrong again
aestheticsofcrisis: Anarchy is me
aestheticsofcrisis: Unfollow your phone
aestheticsofcrisis: Morality, like art, consists in drawing a line somewhere
aestheticsofcrisis: One day I will take your job and make you believe foreigners did it
aestheticsofcrisis: Feels Russian/Twitter Twat/Brexit Union Jacked
aestheticsofcrisis: Ed Seymor: Innovator of the aerosol spray paint can in 1949
aestheticsofcrisis: Heart and sword
aestheticsofcrisis: Cloud head
aestheticsofcrisis: Art commands
aestheticsofcrisis: Do it for the likes