adinsen: Boosting brakes
adinsen: Restoration in progress
adinsen: Need for speed
adinsen: There is a dove nesting in a tree in our garden.
adinsen: The redcurrants are beautiful and early
adinsen: White redcurrants
adinsen: Vi får mange solbær i går - we will have lots of blackcurrant this year
adinsen: Brombær - blackberries
adinsen: Brombær - blackberries
adinsen: Flowertunnel
adinsen: Murena 2.2 starter refurbished with parts from a 1.6
adinsen: ready for 20 more years
adinsen: Der står kløverblomster i plænerne på denne tid af året
adinsen: in law's flower pot
adinsen: I law's flower pot
adinsen: Det haver så nyligen regnet...
adinsen: in the forest on a rainy day
adinsen: It has lice all over and it's just a thistle growing in the fence, yet the bee prefers its pollen. Let's appreciate its beauty.
adinsen: who was the gift for?
adinsen: Alternator parts
adinsen: Salvieblomster / sage flowers
adinsen: Croissant in the evening light (summer days are very long now)
adinsen: Tidsel med blomsterknopper / thistle with flowers
adinsen: Garden lamp
adinsen: Sunset
adinsen: We cut Terry's hair short. He's resting in the early evening sun with his treat
adinsen: Homegrowing tomatoes
adinsen: Home growing tomatoes
adinsen: Croissant cooling down in the backyard
adinsen: Someone made a cache of nuts in the engine of my Smart ForTwo!