beckysnature: I’m not sure what might still be a life in this pool?
beckysnature: Making Love
beckysnature: Today's lesson: Counting...
beckysnature: There’s always some bad eggs in the bunch
beckysnature: On the King’s Highway
beckysnature: Missing glasses?
beckysnature: Mission Santa Clara on its 243rd anniversary
beckysnature: Crosses seemed to be a topical choice for today’s theme
beckysnature: The new cleaner we really need.
beckysnature: To Banana Bread with Love
beckysnature: My M&M Christmas Nutcracker
beckysnature: Puzzle Mixed Up ?
beckysnature: Marbles lost in the weeds?
beckysnature: Some of the happenings around here
beckysnature: More “Joyous”
beckysnature: Sunnyvale from the ground up
beckysnature: Washing Machine Woman
beckysnature: A lover of space helmets?
beckysnature: A sign of things to come?
beckysnature: Meeting friends for a wonderful dinner
beckysnature: Only 5 left
beckysnature: Not quite stone cold...
beckysnature: Sometimes one should really take a break from their labors
beckysnature: The Nose Knows
beckysnature: "I put a hex on you"
beckysnature: Google Clouds...
beckysnature: The Blue and Gold?
beckysnature: Not my picture, but…
beckysnature: Orbs taking a time out?
beckysnature: Why dont we do something to stop this?