BITH*: Departing...
BITH*: That'll be Nigel....
BITH*: The floodplain
BITH*: A watery sun
BITH*: Big sea running...
BITH*: Mud, glorious mud...maybe.
BITH*: Ye olde Post Office.
BITH*: Move on up....
BITH*: Portland Bill Lighthouse
BITH*: British Sea Power
BITH*: Steve Knightley
BITH*: West Dorset
BITH*: Seeing the light of day.
BITH*: Foraging in February
BITH*: Ramparts and ditches
BITH*: Survivors
BITH*: Compare and contrast
BITH*: The snowdrop village.
BITH*: Bridport's industry.
BITH*: Toller Porcorum tree tunnel.
BITH*: The back lanes of Dorset
BITH*: Three elements
BITH*: Whelk Egg Cases
BITH*: The Fleet, Dorset.
BITH*: 747
BITH*: The Future is Freighters
BITH*: It was 50 years ago this week...
BITH*: It was 50 years ago today....
BITH*: Solar power
BITH*: Crystal Blue Persuasion