alangraham24: Eilean Donan Castle in sombre mood
alangraham24: Wreck at Cherry Island.
alangraham24: The Nevis Mountain Range
alangraham24: A 9 image pano of Loch Tula.
alangraham24: Glencoe Scotland.
alangraham24: On a clear day.
alangraham24: Man's insignificance
alangraham24: Black Rock cottage.
alangraham24: A walk in the forest.
alangraham24: Pollution, what pollution?
alangraham24: Skye view
alangraham24: Golden light
alangraham24: Lone tree
alangraham24: End of another day.
alangraham24: Corpach Wreck.
alangraham24: At Sligachan, Isle of Skye.
alangraham24: And the snow comes again.
alangraham24: Splash
alangraham24: The fog thickens and more snow is on the way.
alangraham24: Stormy weather over the Nevis mountain range, Scottish Highlands
alangraham24: Bla Bheinn reflected in Loch Slapin, Isle of Skye.
alangraham24: A wet and foggy Eilean Donan Castle.
alangraham24: A stormy day on Skye
alangraham24: No fishing today.
alangraham24: Morning mist
alangraham24: The sun fighting a losing battle
alangraham24: A cold day on Rannoch Moor
alangraham24: All washed up
alangraham24: To sail no more
alangraham24: Open plan living