morroelsie: Intersect
morroelsie: A Girl and Her Dog
morroelsie: Rock Patterns on the Rock
morroelsie: Little 'en Hanging with the Big 'uns
morroelsie: Green Waves
morroelsie: Stacks at Dusk
morroelsie: A Different Crop of The Last Fisherman
morroelsie: Play Time
morroelsie: Eye Of The Hunter
morroelsie: Low Tide, Looking Towards the Harbor Entrance
morroelsie: Red
morroelsie: Under Deep Cover
morroelsie: Comfortable At Home
morroelsie: Foraging in the Litter
morroelsie: Intent Personified
morroelsie: "Stacks" Close Up
morroelsie: Artist's Painting
morroelsie: Red-shouldered Hawk
morroelsie: Boatier Part of the Harbor
morroelsie: The Stacks
morroelsie: Sunset Seadoo
morroelsie: Again With the Blossoms and Thorns
morroelsie: Hearty Breakfast in the Time of Covid
morroelsie: His Very Best Clint Eastwood
morroelsie: Video of a Hermit Thrush
morroelsie: Lincoln Sparrow
morroelsie: Surf Scoter Forging Through the Ocean
morroelsie: Sunset Over Estuary Mud Flats and Back Bay
morroelsie: Another Take on First Light
morroelsie: And One Last Scarecrow