Driver 59: 37431 Bath 23rd May 1998
peterwilcox47: IMG_0004-010
peterwilcox47: IMG_0002-3
peterwilcox47: IMG_0001-013
peterwilcox47: IMG_0009-008
eagle50043: 37429 'Eisteddfod Genedlaethol' at Dawlish Warren
Craig37429: 37429 Bangor
frankrog: Colwyn Bay
Frogowski: Colwyn Bay
dave_attrill: Remains of electrification support near Shore Hall, Penistone (former Woodhead line) March 2020
Decibel Dave: 37298 departs Rhyl
Minffordd Ken: 37203 Conwy 220599
Malvern Firebrand: ROOM WITH A VIEW
Kingmoor Klickr: Mossband Sunset
marcus.45111: Here You Are.....
D1021: 37-418-Abergele-27-5-1997
spannerman37025: 37707 and 47828 accelerate away from Ribblehead Viaduct with 1M98 24-3-02
Captainkez: 43320 43316 1C84 Whittington Moor 17.05.2020
Voe Viking: 37422 Great Yarmouth
D1021: 37-412-414-Shrewsbury-24-2-1995
Steve Sterland's Pictures: SRPS at Craig Farm
delticfan: Sunrise at river Leven
Ram 69: 37218 + 37409 Kirkby in Furness 15/7/15
delticfan: Buxworth
delticfan: 37 thrash
clagmaster: Whitacre Jn IMGP2901-1
mikul44171: 37408 08.15 Summer Dated Nottingham-Blackpool. Sheffield Midland. 27 October 1989.
Tony.Woof: 37402 Kirkham 130596 img1928-0596mf-a
northeastheavy60: Mar 09 scan
northeastheavy60: Mar 11 scan