raahede-p: The one in focus
raahede-p: Conversations run dry
raahede-p: Taking the time to send a smile to the photographer
raahede-p: I don't care about the writings on the wall
raahede-p: Follow the lines
raahede-p: Victoria`s secret
raahede-p: ...and the light will shine on you..
raahede-p: Bent by the wind
raahede-p: Infinity..
raahede-p: Butterfly
raahede-p: Not making a sound
raahede-p: Just take a turn left
raahede-p: Changing the world
raahede-p: Just another lonely Friday morning
raahede-p: Follow the path..
raahede-p: In the alley
raahede-p: Looking for changes
raahede-p: Hypnotized by red
raahede-p: You tell me
raahede-p: The lonely man
raahede-p: Don't know why, There's no sun up in the sky, Stormy weather
raahede-p: Snow white blanket
raahede-p: Gone
raahede-p: Slip away
raahede-p: All around me smiling faces
raahede-p: The signs
raahede-p: High up above
raahede-p: The blur of purple in my mind
raahede-p: Ground
raahede-p: Like a teardrop