MyPicturesGalore: Sunset from Hotel Balcony
MyPicturesGalore: Madeiran coastline
MyPicturesGalore: Câmara de Lobos-Madeira
MyPicturesGalore: Camara De Lobos-Madeira
MyPicturesGalore: San Sebastián Nativity scene
MyPicturesGalore: Fishing boats at Camara De Lobos-Madeira
MyPicturesGalore: Camara De Lobos Fishermans church
MyPicturesGalore: Camara De Lobos
MyPicturesGalore: Lighthouse on rocks at Camara De Lobos
MyPicturesGalore: Camara De Lobos harbour
MyPicturesGalore: The Camara De Lobos-Seal
MyPicturesGalore: Nightime view from Balcony
MyPicturesGalore: Elephants Foot or Ponytail palm
MyPicturesGalore: View across towards the Lido
MyPicturesGalore: Funchal Lido Support building and docks
MyPicturesGalore: Funchal by night
MyPicturesGalore: Funchal by night
MyPicturesGalore: Inside the Christmas cone
MyPicturesGalore: Funchal by night
MyPicturesGalore: Funchal Harbour by night
MyPicturesGalore: All lit up for Christmas
MyPicturesGalore: The Bells
MyPicturesGalore: My three Angels
MyPicturesGalore: Nativity scene-Funchal
MyPicturesGalore: Tree lighting
MyPicturesGalore: Taxi anybody?
MyPicturesGalore: I saw three ships{five actually}
MyPicturesGalore: View towards Funchal Lido hotels.
MyPicturesGalore: To Infinity and beyond!
MyPicturesGalore: Approaching Madeira