earlanderson48: To keep out.....or keep in !1
earlanderson48: Put the trash out...
earlanderson48: What is around the corner ?
earlanderson48: Across the water...
earlanderson48: A walk in the woods...
earlanderson48: Sunset at Ambleside, SOOC, slight straighten, no adjustments.
earlanderson48: Christmas strange.....
earlanderson48: Looking at the Sunset
earlanderson48: The Flower..
earlanderson48: Looking across the road
earlanderson48: Street art, DTES Vancouver
earlanderson48: Hoop time
earlanderson48: Vancouver City Hall
earlanderson48: Autumn time Vancouver
earlanderson48: The end of the pier.
earlanderson48: Birds, birds and more birds...
earlanderson48: Boundary Bay dyke.
earlanderson48: Light and dark
earlanderson48: The back....
earlanderson48: The cleaners needs a clean !
earlanderson48: City views
earlanderson48: the missing piece
earlanderson48: Evening on the beach..
earlanderson48: Out for a walk
earlanderson48: Looking upwards
earlanderson48: Beach life in 2020...
earlanderson48: The dark..
earlanderson48: In the park