mikecable1: Sundown in Frenchtown
mikecable1: Pier Pole Silhouettes No.2
mikecable1: Tomato's on the Vine
mikecable1: Half Sun Sunset
mikecable1: Sunset on the Nanticoke
mikecable1: Crabbing Shack
mikecable1: Two Trees
mikecable1: Rope Macro
mikecable1: Rust Coronas #2
mikecable1: Weather Wood & Hinge
mikecable1: Silhouettes Sunset
mikecable1: Tidal Grooves
mikecable1: Work Boats #2
mikecable1: Homage to Monet
mikecable1: Sandbar Abstract #2
mikecable1: Pier Pole Silhouettes
mikecable1: Sunset on the Sound
mikecable1: Sunset on the Nanticoke River
mikecable1: Walkway
mikecable1: Rust-Scape
mikecable1: Dragonfly Macro
mikecable1: Purple Cone Flower
mikecable1: "Solarized Glass Macro"
mikecable1: Seed Pods Abstract
mikecable1: "Paint & Reflections #2"
mikecable1: Paint Abstraction
mikecable1: Paint/Reflections Abstraction
mikecable1: Floral Fireworks
mikecable1: Gears
mikecable1: Auto Part Abstract