Freagull: Lost and Found
Freagull: Star Power
Freagull: sunny and bright
Freagull: First star I see today
Freagull: A little splash
Freagull: More coffee; less water
Freagull: Mississippi
Freagull: Purple
Freagull: My favorite city
Freagull: Lines of Life
Freagull: After you have been cut down into pieces and scattered about....return to your own familiar little place and stand tall
Freagull: Structure
Freagull: The trees; the leaves; the waters; and then the fellow enjoying the view on the other side....just passing through and waiting to fall
Freagull: Whitetail
Freagull: Water finds its way to a hole and light finds its way into the darkness
Freagull: Vintage Beast
Freagull: The stick in the mud beneath the foot was once the outstretched hand above the head.
Freagull: Surrounded
Freagull: If only a few grains of sand covered the ground, I could have had almost everyone in the world here with me.
Freagull: Make it Dark and I will Find the Spark
Freagull: Great Balls of Cotton
Freagull: Separation
Freagull: Connections
Freagull: Orange Creamsicle
Freagull: Autumn Bouqet
Freagull: Stranded