tarboat: South Lookout
tarboat: Schwebebahn
tarboat: Duplicate
tarboat: Incline drum
tarboat: Sand
tarboat: Shunting the washery
tarboat: Seville tram
tarboat: Prairie Power
tarboat: Local service
tarboat: Bailey Hall Mill
tarboat: Slag pots
tarboat: World-famed
tarboat: Whim engine
tarboat: Shillamill Viaduct
tarboat: In memoriam
tarboat: Two pints of Guinness
tarboat: Restored
tarboat: Scrap
tarboat: Top Park
tarboat: Back to the quarry
tarboat: Copper mine
tarboat: Faded lion
tarboat: Chimneypots with gull
tarboat: Silverton tank
tarboat: Elsie
tarboat: Evening glint
tarboat: The shed
tarboat: Aldons
tarboat: Welcome to Alyn Works