tarboat: Colliery decay
tarboat: The Royal Hotel
tarboat: Baotou depot
tarboat: Norwich Street Mills
tarboat: Shed world
tarboat: Dead shop
tarboat: On the corner
tarboat: Taking water
tarboat: Denton Colliery Company
tarboat: Bagden Quarry
tarboat: Foxfield Colliery line
tarboat: Headframe
tarboat: Liberty and freedom
tarboat: Inside the stone store
tarboat: Dazhuangkuang
tarboat: Climbing from Klipheuwel
tarboat: Potting Limekiln
tarboat: Klipheuwel
tarboat: Chemical factory
tarboat: Winding
tarboat: Face to face
tarboat: Mixed train
tarboat: Alfred Beckett & Sons Ltd
tarboat: Hudson Avenue
tarboat: Charging the bank
tarboat: Steelworks steam
tarboat: Bristol in Nantwich
tarboat: Quality parking
tarboat: Cottam at work
tarboat: Crossing amongst the houses