Richard Xe: Ramsay Monument, 1759, folly, Penicuik Estate, Midlothian
Richard Xe: Moonrise, from Penicuik Estate, Midlothian
Richard Xe: Route of Roman Road, south of Carlops, Scottish Borders
Richard Xe: Dam head, Baddinsgill Reservoir, near West Linton, Scottish Borders
Richard Xe: Portrait of a lost Asda shopping trolley, Dunfermline
Richard Xe: The Quarter Gill, Oswald Street, Glasgow, 2001
Richard Xe: Rare bird: an aircraft over Newbridge footbridge over M9, adjacent to Edinburgh Airport
Richard Xe: M9 Newbridge Roundabout, Edinburgh, 24 October 2020
Richard Xe: Van Man, double yellow and 20s Plenty. Young Street Lane South, Edinburgh
Richard Xe: South Victoria Dock, Dundee, 2013
Richard Xe: Green peas! One burst pod.
Richard Xe: Double rainbow: view from Manor Valley toward Peebles
Richard Xe: Rainbow over Peebles and a sunlit Cademuir Hill, from Manor Valley
Richard Xe: Where the sea meets the land, St Abbs Head, Scottish Borders
Richard Xe: Waves breaking - could be anywhere, but at St Abb's Head, Scottish Boders
Richard Xe: St Abb's Head, Scottish Borders
Richard Xe: Waves breaking on the rocky foreshore, St Abb's Head, Scottish Borders
Richard Xe: Gregg's, Dunfermline - open for passing business
Richard Xe: The Creepy Wee Pub and The Old Inn, Dunfermline
Richard Xe: Dunfermline Abbey Parish Church, 1818
Richard Xe: Commercial School Lane, Dunfermline
Richard Xe: Marks and Spencer, Dunfermline
Richard Xe: Howgate church, 1879
Richard Xe: Park End, Bridge Street, Penicuik
Richard Xe: Dunfermline Athletic Football Club, East End Park: one orange cone
Richard Xe: Bowbeat Burn, Rose Cleuch, Moorfoot Hills, Midlothian, on a grey day
Richard Xe: Dunfermline Abbey and the reflected Glory of a summer evening sunset over Fife.
Richard Xe: Sunflower 2, too
Richard Xe: Sunflower
Richard Xe: Red Chard