SilverStack: 2021-100 Hard boiled egg ...
-liyen-: reading tea leaves
SilverStack: 2021-101 Through Hammered Glass
sibillahorst: Flower
Mark Seton: 100-365v4 Black and White Unite IX
Evangelina M: "Easter is the only time of year when it is safe to put all your eggs in one basket."
fromky: Birds of Azalea Lake
fromky: My Dress (From 60+ years ago)
Evangelina M: Giving
Evangelina M: I need colours
Evangelina M: Another day
Helena de Riquer: Quod erat demonstrandum
Helena de Riquer: Un rayo de sol en pleno invierno
pottevaere: Orchys pourpre - DSC00490
akarakoc: Hauptbahnhof ZH
mariajoseuriospastor: "Looking for luck"
patrickcarliez: les 3 belles
dog ma: Hey You
Melanie Leeson: Northern Pintail, female
g3az66: Kirkjufell
Harris Hui (in search of light): Trio - Calder XTT0864e
Trinimusic2008 -blessings: "Happiness never decreases by being shared.” - Buddha - Explored