pictaker64: Red Tail Hawk portrait
pictaker64: Juvy Northern Gannet
pictaker64: Gray Ghost
pictaker64: Zombie eagle.....
pictaker64: Female White winged scoter
pictaker64: Female Common Eider flyby
pictaker64: Female Black Scoter flyby
pictaker64: Male harlequin
pictaker64: Male Evening Grosbeak
pictaker64: Pine Siskin sharing the dinner table with a Goldfinch
pictaker64: Juvy Coopers Hawk
pictaker64: Female Belted Kingfisher
pictaker64: Prairie Warbler
pictaker64: Mature Bald Eagle
pictaker64: Double crested cormorant
pictaker64: Magnolia Warbler
pictaker64: Ever see a red bellied woodpeckers tongue?.. now you have...
pictaker64: Female Northern Harrier
pictaker64: American Goldfinch
pictaker64: Gray Ghost sliding by...
pictaker64: Male Yellow rumped warbler(myrtle)
pictaker64: Hermit Thrush
pictaker64: Nelsons Sparrow
pictaker64: Male Evening Grosbeak
pictaker64: I swear I am giving him CPR, I wouldnt hurt a starling,I mean a fly...
pictaker64: Blackpoll Warbler hunting for bugs..
pictaker64: Late Season Osprey
pictaker64: Evening Grosbeak closeup
pictaker64: Evening Grosbeak
pictaker64: Wheres Waldo?