Prettypetal2012: Memorial tree - St Bride’s Church garden, London England.
Prettypetal2012: Medallion
Prettypetal2012: WW1 and WW2
Prettypetal2012: Evening Standard newspaper
Prettypetal2012: The first printer
Prettypetal2012: Poem to Sir Christopher Wren who designed St Bride’s Church.
Prettypetal2012: Entrance to St Bride’s Church London uk
Prettypetal2012: Inside St Bride’s Church London England
Prettypetal2012: 30 Years ☎️📞Three Home Secretaries 🇬🇧Abominable *Hostile Environment 🎄Public Concern at Work 🙊🙉🙈🚰
Prettypetal2012: 🎭📺Equal Opportunities UK civil service - the jail’s employees eg all management Islington education staff were also responsible to 3 Home Secretaries [Ken, Ken & Jack] as well as the jail’s Governor.
Prettypetal2012: A lonely, worthwhile job 🐬
Prettypetal2012: 🔴 Olinda House where investigative journalism into the London based Home Office & Others took place ☎️
Prettypetal2012: 30 Years 📞☎️Three Home Secretaries The case 3 Home Secretaries ignored 🗽To Hell and Back and still there - Endless Efforts by PCS [civil service union U.K.]
Prettypetal2012: 🎄Lockdown *Christmas Inside a UK prison for Staff and Inmates 🎄- emotional abuse from Islington’s education officer yet again unchallenged by the Home Secretary or Islington
Prettypetal2012: 30 Years 📞☎️Three Home Secretaries + 1 Governor who described the Holloway situation as a “can of worms”. A hostile environment for M.E. staff.
Prettypetal2012: Justice Denied 👂 London UK *Letter copied to Sir Richard Tilt and Ms Philippa Childs [pcs rep.] - No reply ✍ ☎️ 📞
Prettypetal2012: 30 Years 📞☎️ Three Home Secretaries 🇬🇧 THE MISSING CORRESPONDENCE ... “dispensed with” ... London *prison department of the UK Civil Service☎️
Prettypetal2012: A Snake in the Grass 📟
Prettypetal2012: Hostile Environment for M.E. workers☎️30 Years, 3 Home Secretaries 📞“WE ARE NOT HERE TO BE QUESTIONED” MR HARRY MOWAT [head Management Services] in response to unequal opportunities’ question
Prettypetal2012: Ministry of Justice & Secretary of State for Home Department London U.K. 🌿✍☕️🍰
Prettypetal2012: ♪ Feet for Purpose ~ wikitoes at Christmas ♪ CROCING ALL OVER THE WORLD
Prettypetal2012: Telephone~Railway station Budapest, Hungary
Prettypetal2012: Our Bestie Friends 🌚🌞🐩🐶 in all weathers
Prettypetal2012: Mr Paul Foot Restez en Paix
Prettypetal2012: "The Caring Hand" sculpture at Glarus, Switzerland
Prettypetal2012: Adam King Artist UK
Prettypetal2012: Falls Rd mural, Belfast, County Antrim Ireland. Belfast is situated on the River Lagan with a population of 631,000 people.
Prettypetal2012: 🇬🇧EDUCATION/REHABILITATION in UK Civil Service *London U.K. prison
Prettypetal2012: Strangers Downpatrick, Ireland
Prettypetal2012: Old Friends