poltag: Himalayan Rope Bridge.
poltag: Elegant older lady.
poltag: Victoria Cross Centenary, 1956.
poltag: Classic cameras - VPK with Tessar lens.
poltag: Captivating face.
poltag: Happiness.
poltag: Mehndi skin art.
poltag: Out of school!
poltag: House with a view!
poltag: Optical illusion - Apartheid Museum entrance.
poltag: Classic cameras - Kodak Retina 1 (type 141)
poltag: Pavement butcher
poltag: Inquisitive Holy Man
poltag: Dignity in adversity.
poltag: Stupa candles
poltag: Summer storm on Lake Como.
poltag: A roof with eyes!
poltag: Holy Buddha, (the enlightened one).
poltag: Bead seller
poltag: Minolta Zoom 8
poltag: Madonna and Child
poltag: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ50
poltag: Classic cameras - Kodak Retinette type 022 (German version)
poltag: Classic cameras - Olympus Trip 35
poltag: Classic cameras - Kodak Instamatic 400
poltag: Himalayan Lady
poltag: Mdina, Malta.
poltag: Namaste
poltag: Derwentwater, Cumbria, U.K.
poltag: The Dreaded WW1 Telegram