smithland: Icelandic Landscape Sunset
smithland: Gator Painting
smithland: My Dad
smithland: Tim Malone
smithland: Wasp-painting
smithland: Painting Underlit Glass Chessmen
smithland: Landscape With Eagle
smithland: Landscape With Creek
smithland: Still Life With Chainsaw
smithland: White Ibis Eating and Reflecting
smithland: Brown Thrasher Bathing In Fountain
smithland: Painting #5 - Cat Portrait
smithland: Number 2 - White Ibis
smithland: Shrike On A Post
smithland: Osprey with fish
smithland: Bob White
smithland: Still Life Orange
smithland: Backyard Birding
smithland: Osprey Catching a Big Fish
smithland: Gator Tracks
smithland: American Kestral
smithland: Yellow Crowned Night Heron
smithland: Mockingbird On Barbed Wire
smithland: Cow Egret In Flight
smithland: Shrike With Mole Cricket
smithland: Backlit Horse In Motion
smithland: Eagle Take Off
smithland: Mr and Mrs Eagle Readying For a New Family
smithland: Wasp On A Wall
smithland: Snail Kite On A Fence Post