mdunisk: stari mlin
Luca.Pietrobono: I non treni ai tempi del covid....
chrisgj6: Wastwater 2009
chrisgj6: Wastwater 2009
stefkas: women's world
Jake Lester Photography: Malahide, Ireland, 2017
Antoni Gallart V.: Sunset in the Delta. (Delta de l'Ebre - Catalonia) (The Gold Collection)
sir_duncan_ip: Ray of Light
shacker: Toy Bus
REM Photo Off & On: Fence By The Barn
* M i c h e l l e *: 56/365 ~ another day, another daisy
Josef...: the last snow standing
@lvee: Nevada sunset
ukke2011: observation tower
Cirrusgazer: Murmuration over the West Pier
Helena Normark: Ice-skaters
Helena Normark: Frosty pine tree - B&W
fanι thing: i won't complain
fanι thing: prepare for disappointment
langdon10: Looking out to Sea
Josef...: cliché
Thomas Hawk: Half the Time Has Passed Away
relistan: The Cloughmore — Rostrevor
Bo 610: Aran Islands
jonifrederiksen: Shades of light