Majorshots: Upper Wharfedale CC: Straighten that bat lad!
Majorshots: Upper Wharfedale CC: Last league game of the season
Majorshots: Upper Wharfedale CC: Turning the tables
Majorshots: Upper Wharfedale CC: On his toes on the boundary
Majorshots: 1940's event in Grassington
Majorshots: Classic car in Grassington
Majorshots: Big war effort in Grassington
Majorshots: Looking the part in Grassington
Majorshots: US Army jeep in Grassington
Majorshots: Linton Bridge over the River Wharfe
Majorshots: Above the upper weir near Grassington village
Majorshots: Upper weir at Linton Falls
Majorshots: Linton Falls Hydro on the Wharfe
Majorshots: Linton Falls from the footbridge
Majorshots: Across the Wharfe by Linton Falls
Majorshots: Looking down the R. Wharfe at Linton
Majorshots: Linton Falls footbridge
Majorshots: Down Sedber Lane to Linton
Majorshots: Strolling down Sedber Lane towards Linton
Majorshots: Packhorse bridge near Linton Falls
Majorshots: Little Emily's Bridge, Linton
Majorshots: Little Emily's Bridge over Captain Beck, Wharfedale
Majorshots: Great floral display on narrow boat
Majorshots: Sandstone outcrop on the Wirral
Majorshots: View across the Dee estuary at low tide
Majorshots: Killinghall CC: Killing time
Majorshots: Killinghall CC: Killing all hope
Majorshots: Killinghall CC: Another big swipe
Majorshots: Killinghall CC: Way down the leg side
Majorshots: Markington CC: Watching the game in the shade