waitingfortrain: Janey--Penn State Univ. VS Temple Univ. At Beaver Stadium--Nov. 1977--SAM_7917
waitingfortrain: Penn State Univ. VS Temple Univ. at Beaver Stadium--Nov. 1977
waitingfortrain: Have Passport, Will Travel---SAM_1024
waitingfortrain: New York Aquarium---SAM_8279
waitingfortrain: Times Square--SAM_8622
waitingfortrain: Man At Work--6th Ave, NYC---(SAM_)
waitingfortrain: The Lone Ranger--SAM_8899
waitingfortrain: Victoria's Secret---SAM_9004
waitingfortrain: Two Roads Diverged In A Wood---inSAM_8193
waitingfortrain: Little Italy NYC---SAM_8792
waitingfortrain: New York Moment--SAM_8683
waitingfortrain: New York Soul--SAM_8654
waitingfortrain: Bayrard St: Chinatown NYC---SAM_8819
waitingfortrain: Chinatown NYC--SAM_8755
waitingfortrain: What Have They Done To Us!----SAM_8721 (2)
waitingfortrain: Madison Square Park NYC---SAM_8712
waitingfortrain: New York Street Cred---SAM_8656
waitingfortrain: Asian Beauty---SAM_8679 -
waitingfortrain: New York Man--SAM_8632
waitingfortrain: Times Square: The Day After--(Jan 1, 2020)----SAM_8481
waitingfortrain: Prometheus Rockefeller Center NYC--SAM_8415
waitingfortrain: Rockefeller Center NYC---SAM_8395
waitingfortrain: Dyker Heights Christmas Lights---SAM_8361 - framed
waitingfortrain: Dyker Heights Christmas Lights----SAM_8358 -
waitingfortrain: Coney Island Sunset---SAM_8300
waitingfortrain: New York Aquarium--SAM_8257 -
waitingfortrain: New York Aquarium----SAM_8268 - framed
waitingfortrain: New York aquarium---DSC09647
waitingfortrain: Coney Island New Year's Day 2020 Polar Bear Plunge----SAM_8106
waitingfortrain: Coney Island New Year's Day 2020 Polar Bear Plunge--SAM_8107