Digisnapper (George): The essence of Terrier
Digisnapper (George): Cairn terriers
Digisnapper (George): Walking the dogs
Digisnapper (George): A backlit Chinese foxglove in our garden. They have been in flower for almost 10 weeks!
Digisnapper (George): My grandson has found something interesting on the bridge.
Digisnapper (George): My son's family dog, Cassie, running to me.
Digisnapper (George): Tall blue in Bergen
Digisnapper (George): My son-in-law enjoying a Norwegian Fjord cruise
Digisnapper (George): It looks like rain, dear!
Digisnapper (George): Wide, a wake. Sailing down a Norwegian Fjord on a beautiful autumn day
Digisnapper (George): A dreich day in Bergen
Digisnapper (George): Bergen Harbour in September
Digisnapper (George): You don't want to get in my way!! (Press 'L' to be scared again!!)
Digisnapper (George): Jaguar about to emerge!! [Press 'L' to be scared!! ;-)]
Digisnapper (George): The land laid bare
Digisnapper (George): Beacons of spring
Digisnapper (George): I'm watching you!
Digisnapper (George): Lying back with my legs in the air!
Digisnapper (George): Monk at Lochindorb
Digisnapper (George): Waiting in the wings!
Digisnapper (George): spring light
Digisnapper (George): It's behind you!!
Digisnapper (George): My daughter's dog in the cornfield
Digisnapper (George): White crocus
Digisnapper (George): Do you mind?!!!
Digisnapper (George): Poppy corner!
Digisnapper (George): My daughter and 'friend'!
Digisnapper (George): First of the season Scottish strawberries!