Hoovering_crompton: We are not alone
Hoovering_crompton: Summer Steam
Hoovering_crompton: Seawall Sulzers
Hoovering_crompton: Red moon rising
Hoovering_crompton: Four seasons in four minutes
Hoovering_crompton: Paignton pier long exposure
Hoovering_crompton: Every once in a while something special happens
Hoovering_crompton: Peace and tranquility
Hoovering_crompton: Nuns Cross Farm
Hoovering_crompton: Nuns Cross Farm
Hoovering_crompton: Brixham Sunrise
Hoovering_crompton: 'Fish Town' looking like a fish
Hoovering_crompton: Bluebells at Emsworthy Mire
Hoovering_crompton: Golden light on Bowermans nose
Hoovering_crompton: Chasing Rainbows
Hoovering_crompton: Misty Sunset
Hoovering_crompton: Iconic train at an iconic location
Hoovering_crompton: Golden light at the Creek
Hoovering_crompton: Golden hour at Mel Tor
Hoovering_crompton: Seaside special
Hoovering_crompton: Stormy sunrise
Hoovering_crompton: Golden hour at windy post cross
Hoovering_crompton: Stormy seas
Hoovering_crompton: Sandbagging
Hoovering_crompton: A pretty sunrise to see in the new year
Hoovering_crompton: Calm after the storm