rickyb2013: Colors of Autumn and a creek
rickyb2013: refection of Autumn
rickyb2013: Happy Halloween
rickyb2013: work of a beaver
rickyb2013: Good day sunshine
rickyb2013: Upward Aspens
rickyb2013: Lee Vining Canyon
rickyb2013: pumpkin time!!
rickyb2013: Bodega Bay, Ca.
rickyb2013: June lake loop 395, Crepuscular rays.
rickyb2013: Gotts roadside, Napa Ca.
rickyb2013: The Element at Mono lake
rickyb2013: Good day sunshine 🌞
rickyb2013: Good Day Sunshine
rickyb2013: Sunflowers
rickyb2013: Upper Owens River, Ca.
rickyb2013: Möbius arch
rickyb2013: Candle lantern
rickyb2013: Backlit Sauvignon
rickyb2013: Flower Moon
rickyb2013: If this looks familiar I accidentally deleted the original w/4,600 views and 30+ likes it sucks. Shot w/canon 6D.
rickyb2013: Golden Sunshine, Napa valley
rickyb2013: Golden Sunshine
rickyb2013: Napa valley Fall colors
rickyb2013: Carquinez Strait
rickyb2013: SF Bay sunset
rickyb2013: Lundy lake, Ca
rickyb2013: piggy races
rickyb2013: Veggie omelette
rickyb2013: fourth of July