lightonthewater: Yellow Waves From Above
lightonthewater: Rainy Day at the Tetons
lightonthewater: Radnor Owl
lightonthewater: After the Sunset
lightonthewater: Antlers of Light
lightonthewater: October Cold Front part 2
lightonthewater: Finding the Water
lightonthewater: Lighting up the Darkness
lightonthewater: Cloud to Cloud and Cloud to Ground
lightonthewater: Patchy and Streaky Sunset
lightonthewater: Clouds, Light and Stars
lightonthewater: October Cold Front
lightonthewater: Apocalyptic
lightonthewater: Different Perspective
lightonthewater: Keys Color
lightonthewater: Back of a Shelf Cloud
lightonthewater: Gulf Waves
lightonthewater: Partial Bow
lightonthewater: Paint Strokes
lightonthewater: Setting Sun
lightonthewater: Panama City Beach
lightonthewater: All Days Come to an End
lightonthewater: Eerie Night
lightonthewater: Storms Here
lightonthewater: Storming
lightonthewater: Sunrise, Colorful Cumulonimbus
lightonthewater: Early Morning Storm
lightonthewater: Colors of Sunset
lightonthewater: Distant Storm