briangeerlings: S Bahn and the Mondo Accordion
briangeerlings: Lighthouse on the green
briangeerlings: Yaquina Head On
briangeerlings: Aspens and green leaves
briangeerlings: Oxalis, water and light
briangeerlings: Mossy roots
briangeerlings: Mount Hood at Trillium Lake
briangeerlings: Mount Hood's Peak - B&W
briangeerlings: Salmon River at Old Salmon River Trail
briangeerlings: Hummingbird waiting just outside for me
briangeerlings: Lording over the Lions
briangeerlings: Rocks at Spanish Head Inn
briangeerlings: Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge
briangeerlings: Cormorants
briangeerlings: Railroad alongside the forest
briangeerlings: Drying lily pads
briangeerlings: Twin Larkspur
briangeerlings: Gossamer
briangeerlings: Wildwood Trail in Forest Park
briangeerlings: Little leafy dragon
briangeerlings: Garden at Deepwood Estate
briangeerlings: Lily in the fence work
briangeerlings: Hydrangeas framed
briangeerlings: Needles on backdrop
briangeerlings: Silky Pink
briangeerlings: Ferns and forest at Silver Creek Falls
briangeerlings: Bridge at Silver Creek Falls
briangeerlings: Down the creek - Silver Creek Falls
briangeerlings: The YMCA Wall, while it's still around...
briangeerlings: Ferns and mossy limbs