Bennilover: Vixen, proud, strong, and so smart!
Bennilover: Gracie at Home
Bennilover: "Now I lay me down to sleep......"
Bennilover: Reunion!
Bennilover: Catching Diamonds
Bennilover: Meet Hildegarde, "spoiled rotten".
Bennilover: Tessa, the therapy dog
Bennilover: "Zero at the Bone"
Bennilover: Ouch, watch those nails!
Bennilover: "Playing with Gracie", by Benni Girl
Bennilover: "Gracie gets in trouble", by Benni
Bennilover: Magnolia the Alpaca
Bennilover: Meet Champ, rescue success!
Bennilover: "Why am I at a Dawg Walk?"
Bennilover: Phoebe, Western Screech Owl
Bennilover: Hildegarde, therapy dog.
Bennilover: Benni at the Dawg Walk
Bennilover: Benni, Vixen and Ari
Bennilover: Vixen Goes Fishing
Bennilover: Black-crowned Night Heron
Bennilover: Goodbye till next time...
Bennilover: Benni Meets Pierre
Bennilover: Pierre beats the heat!
Bennilover: "Sheldon prefers to be carried."
Bennilover: CAMERA SHY
Bennilover: Snowy Egret on the Oceanside Pier
Bennilover: Meet Lily, potential Service Dog
Bennilover: Unrequited Love
Bennilover: Ollie, good old boy