cindypalas: 'A little bit of Latin'
cindypalas: 'Drizzle'
cindypalas: 'Are there any Super Heros left?'
cindypalas: 'P for Painter_2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge'
cindypalas: 'Nature's Color Pop'
cindypalas: 'Dreamy'
cindypalas: 'Fire Red Edges'
cindypalas: 'Smooth Jazz'
cindypalas: 'Favorite Movie'
cindypalas: 'Morning Walk'
cindypalas: 'Can't Get Enough!'
cindypalas: 'Those Eyes'
cindypalas: 'Millits'
cindypalas: 'Peaceful'
cindypalas: 'Morning Apple'
cindypalas: 'Rock On'
cindypalas: 'Farmers Market Night'
cindypalas: 'Pomegranates Under the Night Lights'
cindypalas: 'Grandma's Little Helper'
cindypalas: 'N for Nurse_2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge'
cindypalas: Chinese Pears
cindypalas: 'M for Musician_2021 Weekly Alphabet Challenge'
cindypalas: 'L for Librarian_The Hands Of'
cindypalas: 'Breakfast of Champions'
cindypalas: 'Chocolate Persimmons'
cindypalas: 'Yummm'
cindypalas: 'Death'
cindypalas: 'I for Inspector_Checking it Out'
cindypalas: 'J for Jeweller_Jugglin Jooler'
cindypalas: 'J for Hairdresser_Screenshot'