paulapics2: Where Flowers Bloom...
M & Pi: Bizcocho Madeira
Nataly C: spring...
bertrand kulik: Cendrée du soir
V Photography and Art: Amaretti biscuits
@RobCollins: Baby Elephant 1
Ayeshadows: matchsticks...
Werner Demming: Homeland_II
Inna Karpova: Magnolia Study
fdlscrmn: Hard to choose !
captainEO: People whose souls are purified
captainEO: Can spring be far behind
captainEO: Cowboy-bow-tie-window
captainEO: Yellow-Magic
Jean-Luc Peluchon: All in the same direction
michele_carbone: Arona - Lago Maggiore
les forrester: From the High Board
nagyistvan88: Barcelona - Torre Agbar #3
nagyistvan88: Angster Organ Pipes 1908
nagyistvan88: Pamukkale / Turkey
nagyistvan88: Celsus Library in Ephesus - Turkey #4
nagyistvan88: Frederico Draw Graffiti
nagyistvan88: Condensation #14
nagyistvan88: The Overlooker #2
M & Pi: Trufas de chocolate y aguacate
WernerKrause: a five minute walk from my home
AndreaPucci: Fantastic 4 (Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania)